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… and what I do instead to save money + being mindful of people and our earth.

I am learning a lot on my slow living journey. The things I learn either help me make products myself, buy something sustainable or just saves a lot of money by doing the previous. Here is my list of 5 things you can easily adapt to your life as well.

1. Makeup remover pads or makeup cleaning wipes


I’m a huge make-up fan. I always love to play with the colors I have. But when the day comes to an end, I need to take all of it.  And I used to buy pads and wipes to clean my face and threw them away when I was done. I now purchased reusable pads instead. With it, I can get all my makeup of my face. The benefits of these reusable pads are: they are zero waste and they come in a handy wash sack. And I don’t need pads (or at least for a long time), so it saves me money.

I’ve gone with the lazy people solution :), which I love because it saves me time and I support local businesses. But if you like, there are a lot of people who make these things their own. Just google it so you can start making your own pads.


2. Plastic water bottles

*This one is focused on people in the Netherlands or people in countries where you can just drink from the tab.

I guess I do not have to explain this one right? We all know that we drink around one liter of water a day. And it is just a waste of plastic to buy small bottles and then throw them away.

A few years ago I received a Chilly’s water bottle. Before I also had bottles, but I was not such a fan of them and only used them in the gym. My Chilly bottle is just perfect. I love the design and that it keeps my water cold in any circumstances. I now almost always have my bottle with me, I even use it at home instead of a glass.

I know that some people do not like to drink from the tap, because of the leftovers from everything that stays in the water. I get you! The solution could be to get a water filter or to buy water in carton packs. Nowadays you have a lot of different brands. But please check it out first, because not all of them are just cartons. Barleduc for example does contain plastic, but Earth is really made of cartons.

Back to Chilly’s… I now even have a coffee cup. I travel a lot for work and I hate winters. In the winter I need to stay warm so I often get a cup of tea to take away. That meant throwing a lot of paper mixed with plastic cups away. With my own cup, I can stay warm with zero waste.

3. Detergent


As a business owner who works from home, a clean place is essential! A clean home is a clean mind 😉

I used to have a lot of different cleaning detergents. Every area in the house needed its own special detergent, the floors, the windows, the kitchen, the bathroom. Good marketing! 🙂 I have noticed that I do not need all those different things. My favorite basics are vinegar, green soap and essential oils like lavender for the fresh smell and tea tree oil because of its disinfecting purposes. And that saves me money! The green soap is also an eco soap that does not harm our planet.

The only things I still do buy are for:

The only things I still do buy are for:

  • induction hot plate: The kitchen information says that I need to clean it with a specific detergent, so that’s what I have been using. Please let me know if you also have an induction hot plate and use something else.
  •  toilet cleaner: I don’t know why, but I have this idea that the toilet should always be super clean and the only way for me to do that was with chlorine. Instead, I now have found an eco version 😉 

4. Fabric softener

Instead of fabric softener, I use vinegar. My mom always thought me to soak new towels in vinegar before the first laundry. So I became used to that, but for some reason, I transferred to fabric softener after that first wash. Because of my allergies, I did use an Eco fabric softener. After some reading I found out you can always use vinegar it and it is not bad for your machine at all (actually your machine needs a rinse once in a while).

I also want to make my laundry smell good. Instead of getting chemical smells that are not good for my skin (especially with eczema), I use essential oils. Lavender is my favorite.

Replacing fabric softener with vinegar and essential oils has a few benefits: it saves money because vinegar is cheap and you only need a few drops of essential oils. You need less of vinegar compared to the fabric softener so you will buy less plastic.

5. Meat

I have not bought meat in about two to three years. I stopped eating meat for four reasons.

  • 1. because of the health benefits
  • 2. meat industry and animal abuse
  • 3. spiritual reasons
  • 4. the impact of the meat industry

Instead, I sometimes buy Tahoe, which I marinate just like I would do with my chicken or treat myself with my favorite burger, the Beyond Burger. But most of the time I just think of recipes that don’t require any animal products.

Interested? Check my Instagram stories out for recipes.

What do you no longer buy? Check my Instagram stories post and let me know!

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