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Coming Back To Me Ritual for when you feel overwhelmed by Rhona.

I sometimes feel as if life is going too fast for me and in those moments I stop and reacquaint myself. I then practice the E3 Breath. This breath can be used at any time of the day and it is best to use this breath when we feel overwhelmed, because it can help us find balance again. It takes us to a higher plane of consciousness and moves us into the 5D. When we are in a 5D state our mind, body and soul are all lined. And this breath helps us to feel peace and love within us as well.  

Picture: Chris Nguyen

Here is how you can do the E3 Breath practice.

  • Get a yoga mat or lay upon a flat surface. 
  • You are going to want one or more pillows to put under your back. 
  • These pillows will need to be lined horizontally and stacked so they follow your spine. 
  • Then you reach out our arms and release all tension,  let your arms be limp, on either side. 
  • Then you’ll cross your legs, while doing this it will help you to expand your lungs so that you can hold your breath longer.  
  • Now you are to start the breathing… 
  • Breath in three short breaths and hold them for as long as you can and release. 
  • Do this three times and then when you release make an AHH sound with your voice. This helps our jaw and head to release that tension so that you can come back to us. 

When you find that you don’t have enough time to do all of this, you can just take the breathing steps and relax on a chair or couch. Make sure that you don’t get light-headed during this exercise. You are taking your body and mind to the 5D whenever you do the E3 Breath, so only do it when you’re feeling overwhelmed in life. It helps us level out and become balanced again. 

Repeating this exercise is a great way to work though body pain or trauma. 

Written by: Soul Priestess Rhona.
Rhona is a soul healer and maker of ritual tinctures.
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