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As we scroll through our social media feed, we only get a one-sided picture of the food possibilities, and also the people who consciously choose to eat vegetarian and/or plant-based foods. Sadly, there isn’t much we can do about the algorithm of search engines and social platforms. However, to help you discover different foodies from all walks of life (and practically all over the world) we compiled this guide to must-see plant-based content creators.

WoonHeng Chia

WoonHeng is a food blogger who loves exploring plant-based alternatives for popular dishes. She insists that giving people a plant-based option is a great way to encourage more people to adopt a vegan diet. 

The idea to start sharing her recipes actually came from her daughter: 

“One day my daughter asked if I could write down my delicious recipes for her so she can make them when she lives by herself. Her request just melted my heart and I thought “it was a great idea!”

WoonHeng started posting her recipes on Instagram, and was overwhelmed with the amount of support she received. Her followers encouraged her to start a blog and a cooking channel on YouTube, in order to make it easier for them to follow along and to share her creations with others. 

Her dishes are largely influenced by growing up in Kuala Lumpur. This Malaysian city is well-known for its  cultural diversity, which brings a unique “melting pot” experience of various cuisines. Many dishes feature traditional Asian elements such as rice, noodles, and dumplings. 

Living in a warm country like Malaysia, WoonHeng has access to a variety of fresh produce, which is another thing that greatly influences her cooking. 

Must-Try Recipe

Dumplings In Spicy Nut Sauce



Instagram – @woon.heng

YouTube – WoonHeng

Website –

Max La Manna

Max La Manna is an American chef, whose main focus is low-waste cooking. He is on a mission to reframe how we view the food scraps that are typically thrown away. In order to prevent food waste from going to landfill, Max creates simple yet innovative recipes utilising produce in new and exciting ways. Did we mention his recipes are plant-based?

Although his main focus is on creating low-waste and zero-waste dishes, Max also likes to promote plastic-free living and spread awareness about the climate issues. In 2019, Max La Manna released his debut cookbook titled More Plants Less Waste. In a truly spectacular fashion, his book bridges the gap between vegan food and waste-free cooking. It features a wide selection of sweet and savoury meals, all using simple, accessible ingredients that celebrate the power of wholefoods at their best. 

Must-Try Recipe

I Have Nothing In My Fridge Stir-Fry



Instagram – @maxlamanna

TikTok – @maxlamanna_

YouTube – Max La Manna

Website –


Blaka is a Dutch company whose focus is on sharing vegan dishes based on African and Afro-Caribbean cuisines. Their aim is to make vegan food easy and accessible to everyone. They have a wide variety of healthy recipes available on their website, from smoothies and salads, to filling main course meals. In an effort to promote sustainability, Blaka’s resources include recipes for homemade plant-based milk, granola, and various types of bread. 

As well as sharing recipes, Blaka strive to educate their audience. They have a separate section on their website with informative articles about spirituality, African and Afro-centric history and culture, and of course, plant-based nutrition. If you want to support their small business, you should visit their online store, where you can find amazing spice blends and books.

Must-Try Recipe

Cassava Croquettes



Website –

YouTube – Blaka

Instagram – @blakaonline

This Girl Can Cook

This Girl Can Cook is a Dutch food blog led by two sisters, One’sy and Tewa. They started the blog as a way to pay homage to their Surenamese heritage by sharing (sometimes modified) recipes of their grandmother’s dishes. Their grandmother is not the only family member that influenced their work! Sadly, their father passed away from diabetes. As a result, One’sy and Tewa are on a mission to share healthier methods of preparing food. Although they don’t exclusively specialise in plant-based cooking, the blog features many vegan recipes.

Must-Try Recipe

Stuffed Bitter Melon