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Designed to guide freelancers, business owners and people with an entrepreneurs mindset on their slow living journey.
For a better work-life balance and holistic vitality.

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Magical & Inspirational lessons for people on their Slow Living journey.

Adjuma Tribe guides freelancers, business owners and people with an entrepreneurs mindset on their slow living journey. For a better work-life balance, sustainable and and holistic vitality.

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I felt very much at home and comfortable during the Slow Sunday Circle. Which is not always self-evident, especially via Zoom. I have learned very lovely mindful tools to get closer to myself, which will add value in how I can apply gratitude in my life. Priscilla's guidance felt very safe and personal and that gave me the space to participate properly.

~ Nagiib van Overmeeren Adan


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does an Adjuma Tribe online gathering look like?

    Zoom is used for our virtual meetings. We will send you a Zoom link so that you can easily attend a meeting through Zoom.

    We value the same things in our online meetings as we do in our in-person meetings. The groups are limited, with lots of room for interaction and, most importantly, safe environments of space and respect for each participant. As a result, we do not record the meetings ourselves.

    We recognize that attending anything online can be challenging at times. Adjuma Tribe, especially the host Priscilla Macintosh, has extensive experience organizing events and virtual gatherings.
    A comment from someone who attended a meeting can be found her:
    “At first, I was very nervous because I don’t associate well in groups. But the energy was very nice and people were open and respectful to each other.” Eunice

  • What is the size of the group?

    The Slow Sunday Circle & Mindfulness groups consist of 6-15 participants.

  • When is the Mindfulness training not suitable for me?

    Mindfulness is, in theory, appropriate for everyone. However, it is not a treatment option for immediate conditions or crises such as depression or addiction. The Mindfulness course should not substitute the coach or psychologist; but, in some situations, it may be synchronous.

    If you want to learn to deal differently with old, known obstacles and patterns in your life, our Mindfulness training is for you.

    Do you still have any hesitations? During the introductory meeting, we will determine if the Mindfulness training is suitable for you.

  • Reimbursement for the Mindfulness training

    Reimbursement for those who have VGZ & Zilveren Kruis healthcare

    Adjuma Tribe is a VVM Member.
    Both the VGZ group and the Zilveren Kruis group recognize trainers certified by VVM as of 1 January 2021. That means you can get a part of the Mindfulness course refunded. Check your insurance to see what they cover.

    Pro-life health insurance also falls under the Zilveren Kruisgroep. The health insurers Aevitae, IZA, IZZ, Umc, United Consumers, and Univé fall under VGZ.

  • Why do I need an introductary call for the Mindfulness training?

    During this introductory meeting you can feel whether there is a click between you and me. This is important for the smooth running of the Mindfulness process. Only when there is a good relationship of trust can you open yourself up to change.

    In addition, this introductory meeting is intended to see whether the Mindfulness training can help you. You can ask all your questions.
    I also need to know if there are things I need to pay attention too such as physical and some mental complaints.

    After the conversation, you have some time to think about it carefully. Because you decide with whom, where and when you start! If you already know during the conversation that it feels good, we can schedule you for the training and you will receive the invoice.

    An Adjuma Tribe introductory call is always free and takes on average 1hour. This conversation will also be held online.

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