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YOU are the only one who knows what is right for you. This doesn’t mean you have to walk this path alone. I am here to guide you.

How can I guide you?

You may need to talk to someone at some point in your (work) life. Someone you don’t know, who doesn’t have an opinion, and who you can relate to your story. So you can express yourself and actually pur your hart out.

During these sessions, we will concentrate on addressing your issues. I guide you in mapping out your ideas, feelings, behavior, and frequently unconscious reactions. This way, I can provide you with useful tools that you may use for the rest of your life!

This opens up new possibilities and gives you a new perspective on your life since you learn to see things from a different perspective. This has a positive impact on your thoughts and behavior.

These sessions help to bring order to chaos, define what you desire, and give insight into your circumstance. If you need this, I  am here to guide you toward a healthier work-life.


Recognise this?

I am often tired
I have trouble taking care of myself
I feel like I have lost control of my (work) life
I feel that my work and private life is out of balance
I try my best to do everything right, but it doesn’t seem to work
I am expected to continue to perform, but I no longer feel fresh and alert.
I can’t keep focus and I can’t get anything out of my hands.

You want to make a change but don't know how; You have come to the right place if…

You want it different, but you don’t know how yet. Take the first step, take back control of your own life and make the choice for yourself first. This is where I come in and guide you, because figuring this out by yourself can be quite difficult. I am your guide on this journey. Know that, we all have moments in our lives when we need support and how brave and powerful it is to choose you.

If that's the case, I'm sure you're seeking for a coach who...

Talks in everyday language and makes coaching approachable
Has has an intersectional and inclusive perspective and can provide a safe space for you to share
Has experience as a business owner, so know what you are dealing with on a day to day base

What if?

I am here to guide you through

I am Priscilla Macintosh and I help freelancers and business owners who seek more balance between their work and life, want to regain control of their agenda and learn how they can make more conscious choices for a more mindfull and healthier work-life.

I help by using slow living principles based on coaching techniques and Mindfulness in combination with my knowledge about vitality/healthy living,  as a tool so that you can lead a healthier life, run a successful business, make better consious choices and thus be happier.

From a fast-paced life to a slower-paced life. Without judgment and with a whole lot of passion, compassion, and some style. I’m a firm believer that we can all learn from each other. So let’s do exactly that.

I help people with personal and professional issues such as:

dealing with (work) stress
setting boundaries
work-life synergy (holistic + lifestyle)
breaking free from patterns (including slow living patterns)

Priscilla Macintosh

What are the costs?

Each journey is unique because each coaching question is unique. A usual coaching procedure lasts between 6 to 8 sessions. Occasionally a bit more, sometimes a little less. A typical session is 1 hour. The session can be held online.

Schedule an intake now!

Interested? Book your free guiding introductory session! We can then get to know each other. We will then discuss together whether and how I can help you.

Then we start with the session so that you gain insight into the power of coaching. You then have all the information you need to determine whether this coaching process is something for you and whether you want to continue with it. Moreover: you will immediately return home with the necessary insights that you can put to work!

After sending the form I will contact you to schedule the session in consultation.


What is Adjuma Tribes method; how does Priscilla from Adjuma Tribe distinguish herself from others?

Personal attention and involvement! I believe that every person is unique with their own gifts, talents, and challenges. Letting people discover who they are at the core and start living and working in a way that suits them is what I’m going for. I do this by increasing self-insight, developing self-acceptance, and strengthening one’s own responsibility. 

The sessions are personal and tailor-made. I do not work with fill-in or questionnaires. I look at you as a whole and especially at the here and now from an inclusive perspective.

With: • 1-on-1 online sessions • Reflection periods in between sessions • Inspiration, (mindfulness) exercises, and meditations. 

Are you curious about what I can do for you? Contact me now

Why do I need an intake appointment?

During this introductory meeting, you can feel whether there is a click between you and me. This is important for the smooth running of the coaching process. Only when there is a good relationship of trust can you open yourself up to change.

In addition, this introductory meeting is intended to see whether and how I can help you.

During this conversation, you formulate a coaching question (what are you struggling with) and a goal (what do you want to achieve and how are you going to do it).

Then we start with the session so that you gain insight into the power of coaching. You then have all the information you need to determine whether this coaching process is something for you and whether you want to continue with it. 

After the conversation, you have plenty of time to think about it carefully. Because you decide with whom, where, and when you start! If you already know during the conversation that it feels good, we can start together from the next session.

After sending the contract form I will contact you to schedule the session in consultation.

An Adjuma Tribe introductory meeting is always free and takes on average 1hour. This conversation will also be held online. 

How many coaching sessions will I require?

Each journey is unique. Because each coaching question is unique. A usual coaching procedure lasts 6 to 8 sessions. Occasionally a bit more, sometimes a little less. A typical session is 1 hour. This session can be held online.

What is coaching

Coaching is a form of personal guidance based on an equal one-on-one relationship. It is a personal development process in which the coach supports you as a client (also called a coachee) in achieving self-chosen goals. The goals are jointly determined in advance.

As a coach:

  • I let you discover where things can be done differently, what possibilities you have within you. That you have much more in you than you initially suspect. I do not tell you, but guide you, in a way that you will discover this for yourself (there are a few exceptions with vitality coaching and Mindfulness)
  • I show you how to deal with fears and doubts so that you will do what it takes to achieve your goals. Fears and doubts become less anxious for you;
  • I keep you on track so that you make progress in your trajectory towards your set goals;
  • I show you the way to personal development so that you grow;
  • I work with you to increase your self-responsibility so that you become more autonomous and powerful;
  • I let you feel that you have someone who is available and approachable if you need support;
  • I challenge you sometimes so that you can break through circles and keep expanding your comfort zone;
  • I allows you to reach your goals faster and is an accelerator of your development, allowing you to get more out of your life.

A coach is not the same as a therapist, because we have distinct roles and serve unique purposes. Therapists focus on healing, treating mental health conditions, and helping people work through trauma and other past issues. While working with a coach may help deal with specific unresolved issues, the coaching process is goal-directed, client-focused, rooted in the present and future-oriented.  Generally, a coach cannot treat depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. To that end, a coach should never be considered a substitute for a mental health professional.

Convinced? Experience it yourself! Plan your free intake guide call now.

What is the advantage of online coaching?

  • Online coaching can be done from anywhere you wish. All you need is a quiet place, a smartphone or laptop, and internet access. 
  • It is easier to schedule sessions, there is no traveling needed, time is being saved. You can invest that time saved in other fun things. You even create a lot of time because there are almost no restrictions in terms of scheduling.
  • For some of you, you may feel a certain safety and ‘anonymity’ behind the screen and you can feel more comfortable (maybe even with home wear) to be open and honest when being coached online.
  • You pick a spot in the house (or wherever you are) that gives you confidence at the time. This might be your kitchen, desk, living room, or even your backyard. As long as you have WiFi access.
  • Housebound after 7 pm because the children are in bed? Please contact me, there are a few moments when a session can be planned in the evening. Yes, you can still have that coaching conversation, without having to call in your babysitter.
  • And my particular favorite advantage of all time is the Environment, we lower our ecological impact by reducing our trips. And it saves money on gas and/or parking tickets.
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