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Slow Living Guides

Designed to guide freelancers & biz owners on their slow living journey, who struggle:
- to balance work and life,
- and make the right conscious/sustainable choices.

Our Ebooks

Magical & Inspirational lessons for people on their Slow Living journey.

Adjuma Tribe guides freelancers, business owners, and people with an entrepreneurial mindset on their Slow Living journey. For a better work-life balance, sustainable and ethical choices, and holistic vitality.

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As a young female entrepreneur, I realized a while ago that a fast-paced life was no longer something I was aspiring for, but how to make it happen in everyday life? While I was on the search for more ways of creating balance and clarity I found Adjuma tribe's new e-book: the Slow living E-book. The assignments in the e-book encourage you to go inward first, plus it has great tips to make your journey to a more holistic work-life balance practical by making small changes to slow down.

~ Abi from Abi Lifestyle

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the procedure for downloading an Ebook?

    Fill out the form to request your preferred E-book. On working days, we will receive your information and the E-book will be delivered to your mailbox within 24 hours. Do you fill out the form on weekends? The E-book will be available on Monday.

  • When I donate, where does my money go?

    We choose new goals on a regular basis depending on input from the tribe. These purposes center on environmental sustainability, human rights, and anti-discrimination.
    For the E-books.

    If you order an E-book with a donation option, your entire donation goes to the cause.

    *Note that this does not apply to E-books that require payments.

  • Is it possible to get the E-book for free or do I need to donate?

    Of course, you may also get the E-book for free. We believe that being an intersectional platform that anybody can use is essential. As a result, some of the E-books (as well as some of the programs) are available for free. For those who can afford it and wish to show their gratitude, there is the option to donate.

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