If you’ve been making small changes in your life for the sake of the planet and animals, good on you! You’re already making a difference. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to fine tune your beauty routine to match your values.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of beauty brands that are dedicated to creating slow ethical products you’ll love using every day.

But before we dive into the list of amazing vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable beauty brands, let’s first define these terms.


Vegan means that a product does not contain any animal- products or animal-derived ingredients such as milk proteins, beeswax or lanolin


Cruelty-free means that the product itself hasn’t been tested on animals, and that any ingredients used in making it weren’t tested on animals, either.


Sustainable means that a product has been sourced, manufactured and packaged with respect to the environment.

“ Vegan” and “Cruelty-free” are often used interchangeably, but it’s important to keep in mind that cruelty-free products can still contain animal by-products such as beeswax or lanolin .

Also, just because a product is vegan and cruelty-free doesn’t always mean it’s sustainable.

Before purchasing a product,scrutinize the ingredients and formulations, the packaging materials, as well as overall company policies to ensure it meets all the criteria.

To get you started, here are some of our favorite vegan, cruelty and sustainable beauty brands.

1.     Lush

Best For | Shampoo bars, bath bombs, face masks $ body creams
Ethics | Cruelty-free, vegan, organic & all-natural, recycled packaging
Price Range | €6 – $24

Founded in 1995, Lush has transformed the beauty industry by taking a firm stance on environmental and societal issues. 

Lush products are 100% vegetarianand 95% of them are completely vegan. Other products are made with sustainably-sourced eggs, honey, and lanolin (wool wax).

Lush is fiercely against animal testing and tests it’s products human volunteers. When it comes to packaging, Lush strives to use as little as possible. Some products are sold without any packaging while others are shipped in recycled packaging materials.


2.    NYX

Best For | Bare With Me Concealer Serum

Ethics | Cruelty-free,

Price Range | €5- $22

NYX Professional Makeup creates cruelty-free, makeup and beauty products that you can feel good about buying. While not a fully vegan company, it does offer lots of vegan options that are labeled.

From lipstick to lashes to eyeshadow, this brand carries all of your makeup needs, and even offers adjustable liquid foundations in 30 shades, so you can pick the shade that suits your skin best.

NYX Professional Makeup’s products currently come in a variety of materials, including glass and plastic but the company aims to make all plastic packaging refillable, reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025.


3.   100% Pure

Best For | Fruit Pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara

Ethics | Cruelty-free, vegan, organic & all-natural, recycled packaging
Price Range | €20- $47

100% Pure’s mission is to create the absolute healthiest, purest and most nourishing beauty products and skincare. All their formulas are packed with high-performing antioxidants and naturally occurring vitamins from fruit, vegetables, tea, and cocoa to give your skin maximum benefits.

None of their products are ever tested on animals or animal-sourced. What’s more, 100% Pure packaging is made from recycled materials – post-consumer recycled glass, plastic, tin and paper.


4.    River Organics

Best For | Vegan lip balm
Ethics | EWG-verified natural ingredients, handmade, zero-waste, recyclable packaging

Price Range | €12 – $54

River Organics offers a simplified approach to maintaining and nourishing your skin with 100% vegan, organic and natural ingredients. No matter if you need skincare or clean makeup products like blush, bronzer, concealer, highlighter, lip gloss or makeup sets, they’ve got you!

River Organics is cruelty-free. None of their ingredients, formulations, or finished products are tested on animals, anywhere in the world.

They also strive to be a zero-waste beauty brand; they use compostable paper tubes and jars and all labels are sugar cane based and also compostable. 


5. Abloom

Best For | face skin care; cleanser, toner
Ethics | Vegan, organic, cruelty- free, 100% botanical ingredients
Price Range | €15 – $75

First and foremost, we admire Abloom’s transparency in taking skincare to a cleaner, greener, and healthier level. They create slow skin care that is made from 100% botanical ingredients and, as they say, with the natural power of Mother Nature.

Their products are perfect for a sensitive skin.

The vegan cleanser cleans well while also moisturizing, and calming even the most sensitive and demanding skin. Their hydrating toner is the perfect choice for anyone looking for moisture, nourishment and anti-aging all in one. It stimulates collagen production and is packed with lot’s of antioxidants like. The products also have a great smell. This combo leaves your skin clean, nourished and super soft.