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How to  destress after a long and stressful day

The 5 holistic remedies you need to try If you’ve been running behind a bus, lost patience due to your internet connection or struggled to catch deadlines for work and social life, then you know what stress is. The truth is that being stressed (little or a lot) happens to everyone, every day. The good news is that studies show…

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A mindful daily bliss: how to make mindfulness a habit

We all know about the incredible endless benefits of mindfulness but how to implement it in our daily life? Well, practicing mindfulness is similar to cultivating a garden: to be able to make something bloom you need certain conditions. These conditions include the following habits of mindfulness, which are essential to be able to optimize practice and start feeling good…

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What is slow living + 3 slow living benefits

“The concept of slow lifestyles started with the slow food movement, which emphasizes more traditional food production processes as a reaction to fast food emerged in Italy during the 1980s and 1990s. Slow food and slow living are frequently, but not always, proposed as solutions to what the greenmovement describes as problems in materialistic and industrial lifestyles.” S. The s refers to sustainable, meaning having a limited impact.L.…

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