FEED THE MIND – a professional and intimate meeting dinner

Would you also like to learn with others, be inspired by each other, be able to be vulnerable, ask that one question and expand your network, while enjoying great food?

Over the past few years, Maria Dienaar and I, Priscilla Macintosh, have met with many creatives (mostly freelance) and regularly encountered the same types of recognizable issues. Standard network drinks can sometimes be socialy overwhelming. While meeting people can be so valuable. That is why we are organizing Feed The Mind from 2022.

  • Feed The Mind is a concept that invites freelance professionals from the creative field to have a relaxed conversation while enjoying a snack and a drink.
  • Feed The Mind believes in the power of encounters in an intimate environment. With this, Feed The Mind wants to avoid the professional working atmosphere and seeks to establish personal conection in an informal setting.
  • Feed The Mind is a dinner with professionals from the creative field, tasty vegan food, in-depth themes, creatives and all this at a large round online table.

If you want to join, see our next edition!

Save the date! #edition3 Self-Care – May 11th 2023 – UPCOMING

Previous editions

#edition1 Online/Offline March 10, 2022

#edition2 International meetup, October 12th 2022

Practical information

Date: May 11th 2023

Time: 19.00 to 22.00

Location: Shebang Amsterdam Zuidoost; Hettenheuvelweg 8

Costs: 49,50 Euro p.p.


Hosted by The Back / Front Story , Studio Macintosh & Adjuma Tribe