“It was an inner call to express what I felt is needed more of in this world. More beauty. More slowness.”

Camilla is the owner of Slow Beauty DK and is half Sherpa and half Danish and lives on the countryside in Denmark. She is a sensitive human with a big heart trying to live her best life on earth. At the moment she making a kitchen garden and building a new home with her husband and his family. Beside Camilla works freelance with different kinds of marketing brands and has created Slow Beauty. Lot’s of reasons why wanted to have a slow talk with Camilla.

"Slow Beauty is a holistic universe of slow rituals and my services to help and support people to calm down their nervous system with holistic treatments and events with yin yoga, aromatherapy, and sound healing."

Can you tell us about the story behind your slow beauty business? What inspired you to start this venture?

It was an inner call to express what I felt is needed more of in this world. More beauty. More slowness. More time and space to see the beauty in all parts of the life we are living. A place to nurture our inner voices to live a life we truly love. 

Camilla Sherpa, slow beauty DK

How would you describe the concept of “slow beauty” and its importance in today’s fast-paced world?

The concept is to hold space for people’s process for rest and recovering wherever they are in their lives. If you look at the Yin-Yang symbol, there must be balance in these two opposite but interconnected forces. I see our life as a reflection of this and believe that we must try to seek this balance to live in harmony. If you live mostly in Yin, you are too slow and might never act on the things you really wish to do. If you are more Yang, you tend to overwork yourself and maybe end up with a disease. 

In Denmark 3 out of 4 people feel stressed in their daily life and it will unfortunately break people down in the end if they don’t take it seriously. The long-term activation of the stress response system and the overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones that follows can disrupt almost all your body’s processes.

We therefore must program our body’s and somehow redefine our life with habits to slow down, breathe and be present to ourselves and the people we love. It is hard for me to image a life where am not present and I have not lived a life to the fully. 

What are the key principles or values that guide your slow beauty business?

Love. Compassion. Creation. And my own curiosity in this life. 

How do you source and select the ingredients or products for your slow beauty line? — How do you ensure that your products align with the slow beauty philosophy?

I must say that it is an intuitive and a creative process and most important that I walk the talk. I really must practice what I preach.

What kind of impact do you hope to make through your slow beauty business?

I think the sustainability in what I do is that when one person heal it will spread like rings in the water. Their friends, colleges and family will feel it. If one person are calm, centered, and really know themselves it will elevate the consciousness and the vibration on earth.

I think that nature is the best reflection of our life and often we forget that we ARE nature.

Camilla Sherpa, slow beauty DK

I saw that you have decided to move from the city to the country side. The pictures are so beautiful. What inspired you to do that?

The nature was calling for me and my husband. We needed to see the clear blue sky, being surrounded by old trees, and wanted to feel the seasons changes. I think that nature is the best reflection of our life and often we forget that we ARE nature. So, we needed this reminder and the nature as a mirror close to us.

Camilla Sherpa, slow beauty. DK

What are 3 things you love about living there?

Nature. Space to build, be creative and gather people. Like-minded people we meet ‘out here’.

Have you encountered any challenges or drawbacks while living there? If so, how do you effectively manage and address those situations?

I have been met by concern from friends and family about if I’m going to get bored or feel alone. But honestly, I’m not afraid of these feelings. If I feel bored or alone, I can easily make a trip to town or do whatever I might need. Or maybe just sit with it and reflect upon why most of us feel alone in our own company.

It has though been a hard choice to make for us, and we have had a lot of doubt. I grew up in the city with mostly asphalt under my feet and have not tried to live on the countryside before (in this life) so it is a whole new thing for me. I would not call it a practical decision. It was more a decision made with our hearts and gut feeling and maybe also a longing for adventure. It is a fact that life will be difficult sometimes and you will face challenges wherever you live in town or on the countryside.

“Give space to what lights you up – your curiosity and desires. “

What advice would you give to individuals who are interested in embracing slow (living/beauty) as part of their slow living lifestyle?

Practice being present in the moment. With meditation, breathing exercises and through your senses. Give space to sensory experiences whether that might be a walk in nature where you focus on the sounds and smells around you, and feel the sun and wind on your skin. Try to see the beauty in life and practice gratitude. The things you focus on will manifest and remain in your thoughts and life. Try to focus on what you already have instead of what you need. You can always find things you don’t have, and you will always have more. 

I’m quite fascinated about The Buddhist monk’s lifestyle which is about doing their inner work (such as meditation and prayer) and then afterwards serve who needs it the most to strengthen compassion in the world. Be something for yourself. Have your own back before you go out in the world.

Give space to what lights you up – your curiosity and desires. Seek inspirational people and be around good people who makes you feel more like you. Schedule in your calendar what fills your cup.

Where can we locate you, and what specific offerings or services should we seek you out for?

I’m located on a beautiful farm in the middle of nature – geographically in Middle Jutland (Langå) in Denmark. But I really wish to someday make an online space and take a tour with my crystal singing bowls. People can also find me on my website www.slowbeauty.dk or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/slowbeauty.dk/