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Welcome to AdjumaTribe, your ultimate destination for embracing the art of slow living. Our platform, available at, is a serene oasis in the digital world, offering a curated collection of mindful living resources, the slow life inspiration, and insights.

What we offer

  •  Thoughtfully crafted articles on slow living, mindfulness, self-care, and sustainable practices and products.
  • Engaging visual content capturing the beauty of simplicity and intentional living.
  • Expert interviews, personal stories, and practical tips to help you savor life’s moments.


Why AdjumaTribe

  • We celebrate the beauty of taking things slow, fostering well-being and balance.
  • Our platform empowers our audience to make meaningful choices and cultivate a purposeful lifestyle.
  • Join our community of like-minded individuals seeking tranquility, mindfulness, and genuine connections.


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For media inquiries, interviews, or collaborations, please reach out to us at *We exclusively engage in projects aligned with the principles of a slow lifestyle, emphasizing: sustainability, ethical conduct, and nd similar fundamental values. Feel free to send us a message to discuss the posibilities.


About Adjuma

Hi, my name is Sil (Priscilla) Macintosh
I am a lover of all things slow living, arts, dancing, food and nature. I am a certified Mindfulness trainer & Vitality coach, a Creative Producer in the arts and I am based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With all my all love for all of these topics i am running Adjuma and sharing my personal and profesional insights.

Adjuma is a pepper, one of the hottest in the world. Originally from South America, the continent of the land where my parents were born: Surinam. In some aspects, my life is as spicy as the Adjuma. There is this Dutch saying “peper in de kont hebben’ which means that you are always on the go, always working, always busy (meanwhile not making the best health, mental and sustainable choices). Well, I was an “Adjuma pepper”. And in some ways I still am, but years ago I decided to take control of the fire and add a little sugar to the heat: I went on a slow living journey. It wasn’t really intentional, I naturally progressed that way. But it’s a challenge. Let’s be honest. Slow living with an urban lifestyle is not easy. Add a spicy soul and a sensitive heart to that and it’s even a struggle sometimes. But let’s call it a journey. And Adjuma Tribe is here to help guide you on yours!

Join the slow living movement with Adjuma Tribe and discover the joy of embracing life’s simple pleasures.

Note: This media pack is a concise overview. Additional details and specific content can be provided upon request. Feel free to send us a message to discuss the posibilities.