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The beauty of African black soap

This is one of my all-time favorite soaps. African black soap is a super natural soap that originates in West Africa. I used to use this soap as a child since it helped my delicate eczema skin. When I began to think more consciously about my skin, diet, and the impact of everything on the environment, during my slow living…

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Meditation app for people of color

Quite simply put, meditation is resting. In the meditation, it’s about being present in the moment. It is not so much about stopping your thoughts, but observing more thoughts without immediately having an opinion or a follow-up thought at once. Meditation is definitely also healing for me! I discovered Liberate meditation about a year ago. It’s a meditation app for the Black,…

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Mind & Soul Playlist

Listen on Spotify I meditate regularly to relax, to reset, or to recharge. I can meditate in different ways: by just sitting still for a while and letting everything be or by accompanying music or by an accompanying voice. In addition, I sometimes listen to affirmations to start the day or to fall asleep. I made a playlist on Spotify…

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