How to  destress after a long and stressful day

The 5 holistic remedies you need to try If you’ve been running behind a bus, lost patience due to your internet connection or struggled to catch deadlines for work and social life, then you know what stress is. The truth is that being stressed (little or a lot) happens to everyone, every day. The good news is that studies show…

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6 useful tips to help you with your digital cleaning

How many hours a day do you spend on your devices? If you’re like most people, it’s a whopping eleven hours a day! That’s according to a 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report, which found that nearly half an adult’s day is dedicated to consuming content. There’s no denying that technology is essential to the world we live in today. But between…

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Improving your work-life balance

Because of Covid19, a lot of people have to work from home, and I hear around me frequentl y that they have a hard time finding a slow living balance while doing that. I’ve been an entrepreneur for about 10 years.Most of which I haven’t had an office, so I just worked from home. And with a lot of trial…

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