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Sustainable summer vibes: discover these amazing European slow swimwear brands

Hey there, beach babes and eco-conscious wave riders!  If you’re all about slow living and want to make a splash in sustainable style, we’ve got some beautiful European swimwear brands that will have you feeling good inside and out 😉 So, ditch the fast fashion and dive into these seven fabulously eco-friendly picks for your next beach adventure! These seven…

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Embrace the art of slow living and travel: A journey to sustainable and mindful exploration

Hello fellow travelers! Are you tired of the same old rush-rush summer trips? Time to slow it down and embrace the magic of slow travel!  Picture this: exploring new places without a jam-packed itinerary, savoring every moment, and making authentic connections along the way. Get ready to ditch the FOMO and embrace the JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) because slow…

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Soothing Rituals: Homemade lip scrubs

The skin of your lips needs just as much care and attention as the rest of your face. Lip exfoliation is just as essential as skin exfoliation. Although rich, moisturizing balms can help to revitalize and hydrate your lips, it is also necessary to remove and buff the dead skin cells to enhance the appearance and texture of your lips. There’s…

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Nurturing the Soul: 6 Essential Self-Care Rituals for the Slow Living Enthusiasts

Nurturing the soul: 6 essential self-care rituals for slow living enthousiasts

Self-care refers to deliberate actions and practices that individuals engage in to promote their overall well-being, maintain good physical and mental health, and enhance their quality of life. It involves taking time to attend to one’s own needs, prioritize personal well-being, and nurture oneself on multiple levels. Self-care encompasses a broad range of activities that can vary from person to…

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