Natural beauty products, an ethical,slow and health choice, especially in recent years: but why should we only use natural cosmetics for our skin? There are many reasons for switching from traditional to natural cosmetics. Pregnant women are among the most interested in the substances contained in cosmetic products, but more and more people who would like a healthier lifestyle are approaching the topic of cosmetics. Here are the main reasons that should make us think of a change.

  1. Because they do not contain chemical substances that can harm the body: conventional cosmetics contain substances (such as sulfates, silicones or paraffin) and artificial fragrances that can cause irritation, allergies and toxic effects.
  2. Because they adapt better to any type of skin: natural cosmetics contain fatty acids very similar to those of the skin, so they regenerate, care for and protect it more effectively. For this same reason, they don’t cause irritation or allergies.
  3. Because they make you feel good and energized. No more creams with synthetic smells and strange colors. Natural cosmetic brands have eliminated dyes and chemical ingredients and therefore offer us the opportunity to have more contact with nature and with the energy of the earth. Natural cosmetics, in addition to being excellent complements for aromatherapy treatment, have “raw” ingredients such as clay and lavender.
  4. They include a greater number of active ingredients: unlike traditional products that generally use “filler” ingredients that do not perform any beneficial function for the skin, natural cosmetics are made up of ingredients 100% dedicated to the function for the skin. which were included. For this reason, their results are usually faster and more efficient.
  5. They have more active ingredients: Many traditional brands use filler ingredients during their manufacture, this means that they do not have any “beneficial” function on the skin since they do not provide anything special, they are only used to lower costs. Using mineral oil derived from petroleum, which does not have any active ingredients, is not the same as using almond oil, which has 100% active ingredients.
  6. The effect is stronger and long-lasting. When we apply a product to the skin where everything is active ingredients, everything has a function, the skin will react much better, making each and every one of them perform the specific function for which it has been formulated at the INCI and therefore the results will be much faster and more efficient.
  7. Because they respect and protect the environment: opting for organic cosmetics helps to minimize the environmental impact, since these products are usually made following sustainable manufacturing standards, using recyclable packaging, without generating toxic waste or testing on animals. How? Natural, healthy and 100% toxic-free cosmetics by philosophy does not work with ingredients that have been tested on animals, as well as the final product. So if you buy this type of cosmetic you are helping to stop cruelty to thousands of animals every year around the world.

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