Eating the right food is so important. Have you ever heard you are what you eat? This is actually true.

It’s similar to how people prefer a lighter meal through the summertime, or to the practice of intermittent fasting to improve health and detox our body. These are ways that people use periodically to feel lighter and cleaner inside out, as if their inner self tells them that something is not right with their usual way of eating. However, changing our overall eating habits is actually more beneficial than adopting periodical diets.

In fact, why should we prefer to poison our body and just go through detoxing every now and then, rather than feed ourselves with the right fuel on a daily basis? And that’s actually what it is, food is our fuel, and the cleaner our fuel is the highest will be our body and brain performances.

Clean food

Eating alkaline it’s one of the cleanest and most natural ways of feeding ourselves, for this reason it is considered not only an eating diet, but also a way to improve your overall life on a daily basis.

Living an alkaline lifestyle means that you are not consuming food that has been manmade, but more wholesome orginal food.

Most of the food we find in the supermarkets is prepared, or is made to be heated up in a microwave. What I’m saying is the food that is being offered for us to eat is convenient food, pop in the oven, ping ready in 3 minutes.

While this can be a time saver, on the other hand it definitely don’t fit our body needs. Nowadays people love spending more time shopping for clothes to fit them, or advancing their body to another phase in a surgical way, rather than taking time out to really benefit themselve. Our lifestyle is being rushed, the fast paced lifestyle we are worrying about the wrong things, which in turn is making us lose focus on the most important parts of our life, including food.

What is Alkalne food

Alkaline food consists of only original food that has not been manmade or crossed to create another variety, which brings our whole self back to the origin of our human nature.

Eating alkaline is definitely more time consuming than microwaving some frozen ready meals, and it can also be hard to understand how to pick the right ingredients or how to balance our meals at first, but after the first couple of weeks it will all become easier and the meals will be more enjoyable and easy to prepare.

How to implement Alkaline in your daily diet

There are a few books that are made purposely to help introduce the beginners to the Alkaline diet and they are so simple that can easily be used also by people with very low cooking skills, just look for Dr. Sebi and you’ll find more info.

The first step toward an Alkaline diet is actually learning how to distinguish alkaline foods from acidic ones.

The easiest way to know if your food is alkaline would be to Google its PH level, and therefore eat only selected non-acid foods. In fact just because a vegetable or fruit is grown in soil, it does not mean that this is alkaline food.

Moreover Alkaline food does not contain any starch or blood which are considered “poisons” to our body. Alkaline studies have also proved that eating meat, especially because of the way that animals are bred, can affect our mood, making us feel more anxious, aggressive and depressed as the energies and vibrations get transferred from the dead animal to our body.

Alkaline is more then a diet, it could be an addition to your slow living lifestyle

And that’s the basic idea of why we should care more about what we’re eating, cause we are what we eat, and eating something dead could never give us the living energy that we need. In the same way, eating original alkaline food can make us closer to our natural origins.

Eating Alkaline will give you extra energy, making you also feel closer to nature. Throughout the Alkaline diet can help your immune system strengthen up and your digestion will improve. Eating With Alkaline food you are always repairing your body as there are no toxins and poisons in this way of eating.

Alkaline is not just a diet, but a lifestyle that can make you more aware, healthy, energized and regenerated in all aspects of your life.

We should be treating our body as a temple to be living at our highest capabilities, and eating Alkaline (or at least clean food) can be the first step toward our highest self.