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Have you ever given yourself a foot massage?

Normally I spend a lot of time working behind my laptop. And every now and then, because of production, I have to stand on my feet for a few days. Therefore, my legs need some extra attention. Did you know it’s always good and nice to massage your own feet every now and then? It relaxes enormously, releases stress, is…

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The beauty of African black soap

This is one of my all-time favorite soaps. African black soap is a super natural soap that originates in West Africa. I used to use this soap as a child since it helped my delicate eczema skin. When I began to think more consciously about my skin, diet, and the impact of everything on the environment, during my slow living…

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Why I choose a natural deodorant

A couple years ago, I came across an article about substances that can induce cancer in deodorants. I was really shocked by what’s in it, particularly when I realized that I use deodorant every day and that since I was maybe 10 or 11 years old. In a nutshell… It turned out that many deodorants contain types of aluminum. Aluminum…

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