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Soothing Rituals: Homemade lip scrubs

The skin of your lips needs just as much care and attention as the rest of your face. Lip exfoliation is just as essential as skin exfoliation. Although rich, moisturizing balms can help to revitalize and hydrate your lips, it is also necessary to remove and buff the dead skin cells to enhance the appearance and texture of your lips. There’s…

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Easy vegan waffle recipe

It does not always have to be super healthy; you may also enjoy something nice on occasion. Life is all about balance. And yet it is a slightly healthier version. This is perfect for a simple, slow Sunday.

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How to make your own super easy homemade coconut milk?

I love coconut milk! Indonesian Nasi Kuning, Surinamese Moksi Alesi, Caribbean Rice & beans, all delicious dishes with coconut milk. I could eat this every day. Often we’re used to buying a lot of food in a package, as it would be convenient, but some items are so easy to make yourself. And yes, it will take you time, but…

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