We all know about the incredible endless benefits of mindfulness but how to implement it in our daily life? Well, practicing mindfulness is similar to cultivating a garden: to be able to make something bloom you need certain conditions. These conditions include the following habits of mindfulness, which are essential to be able to optimize practice and start feeling good with yourself:

1. Be an observer

Do you know what mindful people do? They take their thoughts lightly, they know perfectly well that often the chatter of the mind is not true, indeed it is misleading. The first good habit, therefore, consists in taking a step back and looking at the mind without judgment, thus avoiding being carried away by the emotional current generated by thoughts. You must become an impartial witness, able to look without identifying yourself, recognizing that often the patterns proposed by thoughts are repetitive and deviant because they tend towards the past or the future, neglecting the present moment, therefore reality.

2. Cultivate gratitude

Practicing gratitude means becoming aware of the fact that, even in the toughest situations, there is always something to be grateful for. Keep a notebook near the bedside table and in the evening, before going to bed, write down 3 good things that happened during the day. This workout will allow you to recognize the joy in even the smallest things. Not only that, gratitude is the easiest way to feel satisfied because it is an emotion that favors the production of endorphins, chemicals produced by our brain capable of making us feel happy and at peace with the world.

3. Meditate

Try it for five minutes, then ten, then twenty: meditation is learned little by little. You can practice mindfulness without meditating but know that this practice is the basis for being mindful. Meditation helps you stay present to yourself despite the ups and downs of daily life. Mindfulness and meditation help you to the extent that they make you live in the present without being overwhelmed by any stressful expectations or any influence of your past. You are centered in the here and now and you don’t get carried away by false emotions and feelings.

4. One thing at a time

Multitasking? No thanks! Scientists have shown that when your attention moves quickly from one thing to another, it takes 50% more time to perform a certain activity and you are 50% more likely to make mistakes. Conscious attention pushes you to do one thing at a time, moment by moment, enjoying the single moment without thinking about the next. This experience makes your daily activities more enjoyable and effective.

These tips to implement Mindfulness are amazing but I know it might be difficult for a newbie to mindfulness to explore these new perspectives and embrace a new mindset.. I feel you… and it’s okay… change is never easy. The good news is that I have a solution. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed and it seems like it’s impossible for you to truly enjoy your life it might be a sign you need guidance.

Our Mindfulness MBSR course is perfect to help you improve the quality of your life while cultivating self-awareness and mindfulness in your daily life. Check the program, choose to train your mind and your soul with mindfulness, and embrace a new mindful way of living!

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